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Guidelines for the Major and Minor in American Studies


The major in American Studies comprises introductory, elective, and research components, which together make up a total of eleven 4-point courses as outlined below.

Two introductory courses - may be taken in any order:
  • SCA-UA 1 - Concepts in Social and Cultural Analysis

  • SCA-UA 201 - Approaches to American Studies

Seven elective courses:
  • Six designated American Studies electives; Internship Fieldwork/Seminar (SCA-UA 40/SCA-UA 42) are no longer required but are strongly recommended and together can count as an elective.

  • One common elective; a list will be available each semester

Two research courses:
  • SCA-UA 20 - Strategies in Social and Cultural Analysis

  • Senior Research Seminar (SCA-UA 90 for 4 credits); OR both the Senior Honors Seminar & Thesis (SCA-UA 92 & SCA-UA 93 for 8 credits. Note: Students pursuing honors complete a total of 12 courses, 48 credits.)

Five 4-point courses are required for the minor in American Studies. Note: Courses counted toward the minor may not be counted toward any other major or minor.

Five courses:
  • SCA-UA 201 - Approaches to American Studies [4 credits]

  • Four (4) designated American Studies courses [16 credits].