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Guidelines for the Minor in American Studies


Courses counted toward the minor may not be counted toward any other major or minor

Five courses:
  • V18.0201 - Approaches to American Studies [4 credits]
    (Note:  V18.0230 Intersections: Race, Gender and Sexuality in US History will also fulfill this requirement)

  • Four (4) designated American Studies (V18.) courses [16 credits].
    Sample electives to choose from include:
  • V18.0154 – Race and Rumors of Race
  • V18.0166 – The Postcolonial City
  • V18.0180 – TPCS: On the Road with the American Extreme
  • V18.0180 – TPCS: The American Economy in Crisis
  • V18.0310 – Cinema in Asia America
  • V18.0366 – Constitution and People of Color
  • V18.0370 – Chinatown and the American Imagination
  • V18.0680 – Walking New York